Only ten days after the Ohrid Swimming Marathon was held, which was attended by the world elite swimmers marathons from several countries of the world, another swimming marathon was held, with only one participant taking part.

Marko Pejcinovski a new Macedonian hero

Marko Pejcinovski – Ohrid Lake, Macedonia

The child hero Marko Pejcinovski swam the Ohrid Lake yesterday and delighted the entire Macedonian public, who is still under impression from the young boy’s struggle.

Marko Pejcinovski Ohrid, Macedonia

Marko Pejcinovski a new Macedonian hero

Marko, after a great feat, was expected to be thrilled, but he also stressed that it was not too difficult for him to deal with the water in the Ohrid Lake.

Marko Pejcinovski Ohrid, Macedonia

Marko Pejcinovski at the finish

The 12-year-old Marko Pejčinoski, who with a survived infarction of the lower limbs swam the Ohrid Lake on the relation Sveti Naum – the port of Ohrid, thirty kilometers long, is the main topic due to the huge success he has made.

“It started in 2016 in September. I needed to do a testicular operation, when it passed, it started leg problems, I got hip infarction. And since then, I do not have to run much to this day, but that does not prevent me from sweeping the lake in my intention. When I told them they did not believe. Some people think that I will float, some say it is difficult and I will not succeed, and I’m 100% sure that I will swim Ohrid Lake, “said the brave Marco Pejcinovski in a conversation with Ohridnews.

Former Olympic wrestling champion Shaban Trstena, who through the social networks expressed great respect for the success of the young Ohrid player, at the same time, he addressed the swimming experts in our country, who “threatened” that if in five to seven years of him do not make a big champion he will “break his spine”.

“Why am I saying this ?! Because you have a wonderful, brilliant, 12-year-old super-talent to make a great champion with whom we will be proud of everyone and for whom we will cheer everyone! Do not just declaratively, as well-informed sports workers, say that you are for the sport and that you are proud of Marko and with his feat, but be specific and engage yourself in work, that is, help him pass the championship path. I personally will go these days to congratulate the little champion of this great historical success. We all want successes, do not be dumb monitors, but active supporters of the little hero “- said Trstena.

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