TGoce Delchevomorrow 4 May marks the 115th anniversary of the death of one of Macedonia’s greatest sons.

On this date, in 1903, Goce Delchev and his company, betrayed by traitors, died in an uneven battle with the Turkish police in the village of Banica (a former village in Ser, Aegean Macedonia today Greece).

The battle

Before the start of the battle, Turkish authorities received accurate figures on the number of Chetniks and where exactly they were placed, in which houses. On May 3, the village was surrounded by an Ottoman army. The number of Turkish troops consisted of 300 soldiers and gendarmerie. On the other hand, the number of the squad was 21 chetniks, with about 40 villagers joining them.

The fight started at 10 am on May 4, Goce Delchev first cursed the asker, after which he was hit and fell to the ground, trying to become again hit and killed, and the rest continued to shoot. The battle lasted 30 hours and ended on May 5 at 16 o’clock.

During the fight, one of the most prominent leaders of the Organization died with 11 chetniks. After the clash, the Turks burned down the village and 166 villagers were imprisoned. The Osmanlis, for their part, had 8 wounded and 5 dead.

Today, 115 years later, after hard-won freedom and independence (for the will of the truth only in part of the territory of ethnic Macedonia) in the Second World War and after the break-up of the former Yugoslavia, the government is settled and paid by the businessman Soros is negotiating the name change. Goce Delchev and the thousands like him, revolutionaries and freedom fighters of Macedonia, are turning over in their graves. Did they die and shed their blood for this, immersing this holy land? For someone to shop for the holy name of Macedonia?

I can understand the Greeks why they so firmly stick to the name issue and do not give up in any way. This is because if they crack, the whole story that they are arguably building on the Greek origin of the Macedonians will be destroyed. Then they will have to return 51 percent of the ethnic territory of Macedonia and ultimately have to pay damages to the expelled Macedonians from their homes.

I can not figure out what the current government is bothering about to sell the name. NATO membership? Aspirations for European Integration of Macedonia? These are stories for young children. What will these memberships be if we lose our identity? They are paid heavily to do so.

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