Another scientist who, on the basis of genealogy, determines the facts about the origin of the Macedonians and the whole Slavic people.

This time it is a Russian scientist who immigrates to the United States after Gorbachev Perestroika.

In the following, I announce the link of his entire scientific study.

Russian Journal, №.21, 2008


DNA-Genealogy provides the Answer


“This is a scientific-popular paper on this sensational problem, in the true sense of the word, and

will cause a lot of dissents. Particularly it will provoke disagreement among those who are contrary

to the true history, not only of the Russian people but of all the Slovens. There will be also certain

disapproval from some theologians as well, who in their view rely mainly on the Old Testament.

With them, of course, it will be very difficult to discuss, and we do not intend to. I think that neither

theologians, nor the researchers of DNA genealogy cannot fully comprehend the God’s providence.

One thing is clear: our Lord is close to the truth, but no one has the exclusive right to appropriate it

for themselves.” – Anatoly Klyosov

    • Macedonia in Hellas is only one part of Macedonia, Vicky. It’s a pity for you, you’ve been taught a wrong history at school. But for certain things, feel free to read the pages of my site.

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