Macedonia today faces defilement, complete dispossession of identity and finally what is to follow is the erosion of its existence from the map of the world. The operation will end with the signing of the agreement by the Quisling Government installed instead of the winners of the December parliamentary elections in 2016 by the Great Powers. The Republic of Macedonia will no longer exist, there will be no Macedonian people. The genocide on it will finally end, successfully. The Macedonian question is finally closed.

This situation is not from now on. Having no strength for the Macedonian people to constitute their own state, exhausted by the longstanding slavery under the Ottoman Empire, and the continued action of the propaganda of the surrounding Balkan states for their aspirations to seize as much of the Macedonian territory, lead to its fragmentation and division between Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Albania.

However, in such difficult conditions, perhaps in the most difficult period of its existence, Macedonia and the Macedonians had their friends. One of them was W. E. Gladstone, a British statesman who had different views on the solution of the Macedonian issue. He also knew well who the Macedonians are and that they have nothing in common with the Greeks.

W.E. Gladstone papers

/The Times 6th Feby, 1897, p. 12.

Here is the transcription of the Gladstone’s letter addressed to the President of the Byron Society:

Hawarden Castle, Chester,
19th Jan 1897.
Dear Sir, -The hopelessness of the Turkish Government would make me witness with delight it’s being swept out of the countries which it tortures: but without knowledge of the resources available to support the revolt. I dare not take the responsibility of encouraging it in any form or degree. Next, to the Ottoman Government, nothing can be more deplorable and blameworthy than jealousies between Greek and Slav, and plans by the States already existing for appropriating other territories. Why not Macedonia for Macedonians as well as Bulgaria for Bulgarians and Serbia for Serbians? And if they are all small and weak, let them bind themselves together for defense, so that they may not be devoured by others, either great or small, which would probably be the effect of their quarreling among themselves.
Your very faithful,
W.E. Gladstone

/The Times (London), 6th January 1897, p. 12.

The letter was reprinted in the
(Daily News 15. VIII.1903, 8)
British Museum, DMSS Gladstone Papers.

Regrettably, the British government did not support this Gladstone proposal, help the Macedonian people live in their own country and remain passive towards solving this problem.

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