Known traveler visited Macedonia – Heraclea is his favorite place

“I sat in the ancient theater and started writing in my diary inspired by the environment. There are not many places in the world where you can do it. If Heraclea Linkestis was somewhere along the Adriatic coast, it would boil from tourists, “says famous traveler Macca Sherifi, for Dnevnik.

The passionate traveler around the world who writes about The Guardian, Daily Mail, the Independent has expressed tremendous fascination with the beauties of our country.

He says that Macedonia has what to boast, thanks to the extremely rich history, the village idyll, the kind people and the excellent food. It all makes a fantastic destination for traveling, which he cordially recommends, “Dnevnik” author of the book How to plan the trip of a lifetime


The experienced traveler says that he recommends Macedonia as a tourist destination for all types of travelers, both those with limited and those with an unlimited budget. He adds that in places like Ohrid there is absolutely amazing ambiance and much to see and do.

– Ever since I studied for Philip II and for Alexander of Macedon at a university in the UK, I was interested in Macedonian history and I always wanted to see her first hand. Also, many people recommend Macedonia as one of the countries that must be visited in the near future, and that was a big factor and in my decision to come see her, Sheriff explained to the newspaper.

During his stay in the country two weeks ago visited Skopje, Ohrid, and Bitola. He found his favorite corner in Bitola Heraclea.

– I really enjoyed traveling through Macedonia. My favorite place is Bitola and a walk along the ruins of Heraclea Lynkestis. I arrived late in the afternoon, the sun began to descend behind the hill, and I had the ancient city for myself. There was no other tourist in sight. I sat in the antique theater and started writing in my diary inspired by the surroundings. There are not many places in the world where you can do it. If Heraclea Lyncestis was somewhere along the Adriatic coast, it would boil from tourists – tells Sherifi.

According to him, every person travels in a different way – some prefer to stay longer in a country and see and experience more in it, while others hurry to visit only the most important things.

– Regardless of your reason for traveling, as long as you travel and as long as you enjoy it, that’s what matters. I write a lot about this in my book. Although it sounds like an unusual tip, the more I grow older and the more I travel, I see more than money is not as important as we think. When I began to travel, I did everything to stop the budget, and I missed many unrepeatable attractions and experiences that I thought to cost more. Now I think it’s important to have a budget plan, but it’s just as important to allow yourself to cross it out so that you do not miss out on something you will regret. After all, you will earn your money again, but you may not have a chance to return to the same country again – explains Sherifi.

Mosaic floor - Heraclea Lyncestis, Bitola, R. Macedonia

Mosaic floor

Portico of the Courtroom - Heraclea Lyncestis, Bitola, R. Macedonia

Portico of the Courtroom

If you want to visit Heraklea Lynkestis here by

  1. Hi Dragi,

    Thank you for the review of the travels to Macedonia. I’ve done some reading about the ancient history of Macedonia a number of years back. If I were to travel to Macedonia I would visit the historical sites, see the ruins as you did. And of course, see the beauty in the country.

    I would have to work on a budget plan for such a travel. And then eventually make it a bucket list.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Dragi Kocevski

      Thank you, Rosa, for your comment. I hope you will come to Macedonia one day, on my merit. Best regards.

  2. Macedonia is a country I know very little about. I have never planned on going there. I did, however, spend some time in Croatia which is also part of the former country of Yugoslavia.

    My wife and I really enjoyed the culture and the food. Macedonia looks strikingly similar to Croatia, so we just may need to add that to our list of future travel destinations.

    • Dragi Kocevski

      Indeed, Macedonia has similarities with Croatia, as members of the former Federation of Yugoslavia. But Dustin, I must point out that Macedonia is very different from it. Not that Croatia is not a beautiful country, on the contrary, it is one of the most visited Balkan destinations. Apart from the natural beauty that it has in abundance, Macedonia is the center and the source of the spiritual culture and the literacy of the entire Slavic genus. Not to underestimate the kitchen, which is one of the most delicious in the Balkans. If you still decide to visit Macedonia one day, you will see for yourself in my words.

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