Marko and Toni Pejcinovski

I wrote about the case of the 12-year-old Marko Pejcinovski ten days ago, for his feat by swapping Ohrid Lake. We all hoped that the authorities would find the means to reward this child and his family, especially since the health of little Marko demands that he continue to deal with this sport. But it was not so.

The father of the hero Marko Pejcinovski, who swam the Lake Ohrid at the age of 12, was fined 300 euros for sending his son to an unregistered boat, reports Ohrid Lake.

On the side of the Port Authority of the Republic of Macedonia – Ohrid, due to the completion of the traffic license of his boat, Toni Pejcinovski received a fine of 300 euros.

This happened a week before the hero Marko to swim Ohrid Lake, that is, the everyday training he was doing with his father.

This move of the Captain caused a storm of disappointment among the citizens, as well as all the parties concerned because they knew what the purpose of the day-to-day training was in the lake – the little Marko must swim, mostly because of the health reasons he has (lower limb infarction).

I wonder: How far human stupidity go?

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