If you visit Ohrid and Lake Ohrid, you should also visit the second largest city on the shores of the lake. It’s Struga. A city that is located on the shore of the lake and through which flows the river Crn Drim. It flows out of the lake itself and gives the city a special beauty. Struga is not only known as a place for tourism. The Miladinov brothers originate from the city. One of them, Konstantin Miladinov is the creator of the song “T’ga za jug”, the symbol of love and longing for the homeland, while they are in the far country. Though the author died more than 100 years ago, his descriptions of the natural beauties of the surrounding Lake Ohrid, as well as the light of the warm Macedonian sun that lighting this region, still cause bitterness and sorrow in the hearts when his verses are heard.

Crn Drim River - Struga, R. Macedonia

Crn Drim River – Struga By Alan Grant – Own work

The international poetry manifestation “Struga Poetry Evenings” is held in Struga. It is the largest poetic review in the world, held every year in late August. From the distant 1961 to the present day, hundreds of poets from all over the world procreated at this manifestation, and some of them won the Golden Wreath of Poetry Award as well as the best poetry book in the Macedonian language “Miladinov Brothers”

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 Shar Planina

Shar Planina - Republic of Macedonia

Shar Planina

Located in the northwestern part of Macedonia, this mountain seen from the plane looks like a gentle, easy narrow mountain of medium height. But when you start to climb become aware of its enormity. Strongly experienced on the southeast side, where, over the Tetovo valley, the mountain rises to a relative altitude of 2,125 meters. Top Ljuboten occupies a dominant position on all Sharplaninski was and is the highest peak Titov Vrv – 2.748 meters.

Did you know that the Shar Mountain has 27 mountain lakes, 100 major sources and that this mountain is a fountainhead of 25 major mountain rivers?

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 Sharplaninec - shepherd dog


А good-natured, but brave dog arrived in the Balkan Peninsula with the army of Alexander of Macedonia, where they adapt to the harsh conditions of the Macedonian mountains inhabited for centuries. So named after the mountain where it is commonly cultivated. This shepherd guard instinct and experts say it should dressage. Never barking for no reason, because it is a dog who thinks his head.

Dojran, Macedonia

The third largest, natural lake in Macedonia is Dojran Lake. It is located in the southeast of the country. Rich in various species of fish, as well as flora, is diverse. In Lake grow a special type of algae that lake water makes healing. Algae blooms during the month of August, when breathing is recommended in the morning by the lake, to treat respiratory tract.

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Dojran lake - Dojran, R. Macedonia

Dojran lake

Cormorants - Dojran, R. Macedonia



Prespa Lake, Macedonia

Next in size but no less beautiful lake in Macedonia’s Lake Prespa. Nearby is the Ohrid lake and divides Galicica mountain, which is a national park, from which you climb it (drive by a car almost to the top) opens a magnificent view of both lakes. I’ll mention a curiosity. Prespa lake dive below the mountain and flows into the lake.

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Golem Grad (snake island)- Prespa lake, R. Macedonia

Golem Grad (snake island)

Pelican and cormorants - Prespa lake, R. Macedonia

Pelican and cormorants

The city of  Ohrid and Lake Ohrid

As the first and best-known destination for Macedonia’s Ohrid Lake Ohrid. Ohrid and Lake Ohrid were accepted as Cultural and Natural World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Images of the first two pages are also there, and here is another. Did you know that Ohrid has 365 churches, one for each day of the year? The city is rich in picturesque houses and monuments, and tourism is predominant.  The Ohrid Literary School established in 886 by Clement of Ohrid, became one of the two major cultural centers of the Slavic people. In the period of Emperor Samuel ( 958 – 1014), Ohrid became a religious center and capital of the kingdom. His fortresses today stand high above the city.

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Lagoon - Ohrid, R. Macedonia


Plaoshnik - Ohrid, R. Macedonia


  1. The two pics you have shown how beautiful the City of Ohrid and Lake Ohrid are. Very picturesque and the kind of place that I would love to visit. I would like to know more about its history and the history of Macedonia as an ancient place in history. It sounds and looks like a very intriguing place to me as well as looks stunning.

    • Thank you for your comment, I appreciate this very much. I will write down much more about ancient history of Macedonia and something more so will keep in touch!

  2. The two pictures you have shown are really quite beautiful and I’ve never heard of a place having 365 churches, one for every day of the year.

    It just goes to show that there are a lot of tourists gems to be discovered in Eastern Europe, particularly around the eastern Mediterranean as it sort of flies under the tourist’s radar.

    I think you are doing well to make people more aware of what’s in Macedonia and reminding people how lovely it is.

    • Thank you for your comment Adrian, I appreciated this. Yes there are many places which are waiting to be discovered as my Macedonia too.So you are welcome to visit.

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