One year from the Prespa agreement

A year after the signing of the Prespa Treaty, the Quisling Government headed by Zoran Zaev called for a referendum that he thought would confirm the agreement, but the people ignored the referendum and turnout was only 30 percent. For the will of the truth, part of this percentage of the people was forced to do so. However, with an overwhelming majority of 70 percent, the people rejected this agreement. Besides all this, Prime Minister Zaev went on with the agenda of the agreement and his approval, which means changing the name of the state, giving up the Macedonian minority in the neighboring countries, renouncing the entire history of Macedonia and the Macedonian identity. The next phase was to provide a two-thirds majority in the assembly that did not exist.

Securing a majority in Parliament in a criminal way

To this end, Zoran Zaev moved to forcibly secure the required majority. With the help of the SPPO (Special Public Prosecutor’s Office), which is an artificial creation created by the international community, it exerted extreme pressure on the existing MPs from VMRO-DPMNE, threatening to open prosecution proceedings against them, which would certainly have been mounted. The US ambassador Jess Baily and other ambassadors from the European Union directly participated in that action. Worst of all they have succeeded in their intention. Here is the link: Jess Baily

Apart from MPs from VMRO-DPMNE, pressure was placed on other members of the senior leadership of the party, as it was intimidated by the membership and other citizens who are against the change of the name of the Republic of Macedonia. By securing a two-thirds majority in this way, Zoran Zaev, the prime minister appointed to that place by the same factor (Jess Baily) with voting engineering, voted to change the name of the Republic of Macedonia by 80 votes in favor out of 120 MPs. Immediately after the parliamentary vote, the international community (the aforementioned Jess Baily and other EU ambassadors) rushed to congratulate the Republic of Macedonia on the new name Republic of North Macedonia. The operation of defiling the Macedonian state and the Macedonian people was successfully completed.

By repeating the lie, it will not become true

Now, the authorities in the new “Republic of North” repeat the adjective “North” countless times, even where there is no need at all. Their intention is to instill in our heads so we get used to it and give it a normal use. That’s what their mentors suggest. But the mentors forget the fact that centuries ago, many of my country’s conquerors tried to change our identity, using various methods of coercion and atrocities against the Macedonian people, but how much pressure was stronger and more violent even if their intention was unsuccessful.

To this operation for renaming the Republic of Macedonia through the Prespa Agreement, the agreement with Bulgaria is added so that the deletion of my nation can be complete. These (the Bulgarians) wants everything that is Macedonian, folk heroes, the Macedonian language and the letter, literally all the medieval history until the Second World War. Thus, they want to show that the Macedonians are Bulgarians and that the Macedonian and Bulgarian people are the same. That the Bulgarians always wanted. Historically, they have occupied the Macedonian land several times, but they never succeeded in winning the Macedonian people. Furious because of this, they resorted to using various methods of persuasion, including torture and murder. Mass killings on innocent people. If we were the same people, would such behavior need such a thing?

Under these two agreements, the parties are obliged to establish commissions that will review the history of Macedonia. So not only will they change our history, but it will be confirmed and sealed by ourselves. In this way, we would confirm that everything in the past as part of Macedonian history is not Macedonian, but belongs to other countries, and the whole Macedonian collective consciousness was a lie, that is, to “confirm” their theory that Macedonia was invented by Comintern and Josip Broz Tito (leader of Yugoslavia) in 1944. But anyone who knows history at least knows that this is a lie of the negators of the Macedonian people, how they would more easily retain the parts of Macedonia they have appropriated.

The pressure on Macedonia and the Macedonian people is enormous.

The pressure on us Macedonians these years to change our centuries-old name is really huge. As I mentioned above in the text, Western forces have been doing centuries back using various methods, say, torturing people by dividing the territory of Macedonia, but unsuccessfully.

You will ask yourself, why exactly is such pressure now? I will answer you.

This is because they found for the first time someone from the inside, who is in the highest position and ready to make the renaming of the state and the people, as well as changing the identity for a certain amount of money or maintaining the same high position as possible longer. You can imagine a Prime Minister of a state wanting to change the name of his country, but not to the wishes of his electors, but at the desire of a neighboring state that denies our own self and existence.

Would you like such a Prime Minister in your states as well? Certenly not! We also do not want to!

Perhaps the fight to return to the previous condition will be long, hard and painstaking, but we will get it.

So this adventure of the Great Powers for removing the Macedonian nation from the face of the world will also end up indecently and unsuccessfully.

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